History of Sound studio

Brief history of the Sound Studio

1969 -The studio has been established by a decree consigned by a rector of AMU, prof. Marie Budíková- Jeremiášová
1971 - The studio opened its first labs in the Rudolfinum building, which was the residence of HAMU since 1946 till 1989.
The sound studio concentrated mainly on following tasks:
  • Professional sound production
  • Realization of electro-acoustic music
  • Wind instruments research, mainly on clarinet

1976 - The first research results has been published at international acoustical conference "Vysoké Tatry" in Poprad (Slovakia)
1977 - Agreement about the research of musical instruments with the only (at those days) musical instrument making company in Czechoslovakia
1978 - The research of musical instruments has been included into official state research plan of acoustics
1979 - Cooperation with the Czech Academy of Sciences resulted in the first computer analysis of musical instrument sound in Czechoslovakia.
1979 - The first gramophone record has been made
1981 - We bought the first computer for computer-aided musical research
1981 - Start of obligatory classwork "Realization of electro-acoustic music"
1983 - Execution of the first acoustical documentation of Mundt organs in Church of Our Lady before Týn (Prague) using Lottermoser's method
1986 - Cooperation with FAMU on classworks "Musical production"
1987 - Conferred patent on "The method of clarinet mouthpiece quality evaluation" and a realization of this method for wind instrument manufacturer Amati in Kraslice
1987 - The first granted self-sustaining resource for musical acoustic research.
1988 - The sound studio has presented itself on trade fair of University Science and Research in Brno
1989 - We have published "Impulse measurement methods of wind instruments" on ISMA 89 conference (Mitenwald, Germany)
1989 - Sound studio has moved into provisional residence of HAMU
1990 - Realization of Intonation feedback measuring device for brass instruments. (For Amati Kraslice.)
1990 - Installation of the first digital recording and effects audio equipment.
1991 - The first CD record was produced in the studio
1991 - Incepted cooperation with VUZORT on sound documentation of pipe organs.
1993 - The studio and HAMU has moved into its current residence.
1993 - Incepted cooperation with VUZORT on research of violin sound timbre.
1994 - We started to teach subject "Sound production" of Master programme at HAMU
1996 - Inception of new research project "Acoustical typology of natural musical signal sources" and assumption of research activities of VUZORT, which has been repealed. The project has been successfully accomplished in year 2000.
1999 - Inception of reassumed research project "Research of natural musical signal sources with relation to acoustical topology"
2005 - Musical Acoustics Research Centre has been established, supported by the Ministry of School of Czech republic (research centre no. 1M6138498401) Organizational Auxiliary
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